Kelliís Kreative Dance Studio

Competition Students and Parents Guidelines

Competition Goal

Our goal is to have a first place winning, competitive, positive, and extremely self driven group of dancers that are very focused in dance and desire to better themselves while being team players.


If a student is selected for a competitive number there will be evening and weekend practices involved, as well as rehearsal fees. All competitors will be expected to make all practices and all competitions including solos. When competition team members sign up, it is with the understanding that their being a member of the competitive team comes before All other activities in which they may be involved. We suggest that dance be their Only activity Ė no cheerleading, no sports, no school plays, etc. Competition is extremely time-consuming, and to commit to outside activities has a strong affect on the student as well as the other team members, when a student is absent. Remember the team is judged as a TEAM when competing, and one student with bad attendance hurts the entire team. Occasionally there are required school events that may interfere with rehearsals, if this is the case, bring a copy of the school calendar and other arrangements will be made. Of course classes may be missed due to illness or a death in the family. If any student or parent feels they can not see this commitment through without any absences, we suggest they bow out of competition before the year begins. We do offer revue classes for those who wish to pursue other activities outside of dance. Competitors are not allowed to back out of numbers that they are already in to be in other numbers.


  1. Everyone is expected to work as a team player and help in the growth of their fellow students.
  2. Gossiping will not be tolerated amongst the students and Parents, or about other students or parents within Kelliís Kreative Dance.
  3. Gossiping will not be tolerated amongst the students or parents about other dance studios.
  4. Gossiping will not be tolerated amongst the students or parents about other competitors during competition as well as conventions.
  5. While representing Kelliís Kreative Dance, students and parents are expected to display good sportsmanship conduct to everyone they are in contact with.
  6. During competition, whether we win or lose, we are expected to have a winning attitude.
  7. It is mandatory for all students to come to all rehearsals, unless approved 48 hours prior to the choreographer with the permission from the choreographer.
  8. All competitors must be members of Broadway Bound Booster Club.
  9. All competition dues must be paid on time; otherwise we will not attend the competition.
  10. All competitions Regional and National are mandatory including soloist. It is all or nothing.
  11. It is mandatory for all competitors to wear a cover-up with Kelliís Kreative Dance on it for all competitions and conventions.
  12. All students are to respect the teachers and to do what is asked of them.
  13. All students and Parents must abide by the Code of Conduct.
  14. All students and parents understand that Kelli and Braton Manville have Final say about placement and All other matters concerning the school and competition.


All Competition teams students and parents are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectable manner at all times. Gossiping by a student or a parent about other students, parents, staff members or other studios is not tolerated. Disrespecting a faculty member or another student or being discourteous to a fellow student is grounds for disciplinary action that may result in probation, suspension or being asked to leave the studio permanently. In the event that you are asked to not return to the studio there will be no reimbursement for any classes, collected fees for the revue, collected choreography fees or any other fees collected by the studio. If your costume is paid in full but has not come in yet, we will call you when it comes in and you can come pick up the costume or costumes. All Competition Students and their parents will be expected to both read and sign the Competition Guidelines. In the event that a student is excessively talking during class, being disrespectful, or is just not focusing, they will serve detention upon the choreographerís discretion such as cleaning mirrors, sweeping floors, writing essays, or being dismissed from class.

Modeling Consent

Staff members of Kelliís Kreative Dance LLC., Fellow students and Family members that go to Kelliís Kreative Dance often take pictures of classes and events that go on inside and outside the studio during the year. Often the staff of Kelliís Kreative Dance uses these pictures on the Internet, to let people know what goes on at Kelliís Kreative Dance. We also use these pictures in the newspaper and in advertisements. Competitors are required to let us use their pictures due to the groups being in so many pictures.


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