Competition Team Auditions

Joining the KKD Competitive Dance Team

The majority of our students dance at the recreational level, and we offer a wide variety of instructional, technique-focused weekly classes with a professional year-end revue.

But for the student who desires something more, our studio has a competition dance team that allows for more performance opportunities and training at competitions and conventions.

Our goal is to have a positive, competitive, top-placing, extremely self-driven group of dancers who are very focused on dance and desire to better themselves, while being great team members.

About our KKD Competition Dance Team

We pride ourselves in developing well-rounded dancers. Our team often competes in jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, contemporary, and tap categories and consistently earns the highest adjudications and overall first-place wins.

Our routines also consistently win specialty awards for choreography, technique, stage presence, and entertainment.

Awards are fun, but our main goal is to see growth in all of our dancers on and off stage. It is our desire to develop work ethic, dedication, and drive in our dancers that will serve them well through their dance careers and carry over into all of their future endeavors.

Informational Meetings

Monday, June 3 in Mandeville at 7pm

Thursday, June 6 in Kenner at 6:30 pm

We welcome you to join us at one of our informational meetings to learn more about our competition team, and its requirements, and ask any questions you may have.

Team Auditions

2024 auditions will be held on Saturday, July 6.

Auditions will be held at our Mandeville dance studio.

Competitive team members are selected by audition. Here’s what to expect…


  • Prospective competitors may choose which genre(s) to try out for. You choose which and how many genres to audition for. You can choose to try out for all genres or just one. If you try out for a genre, you are committing to compete with that group if selected.
  • Dancers should audition in the age category they will be on the next January 1st. For example, if a dancer is 8 now but will turn 9 by December 31st of this year, they need to audition in the higher age group.
  • Audition registration is done online. When you fill out the audition registration form please make sure your email, phone number and your dancer’s date of birth is correct. This will be important when we go to register for competitions.
  • There is a $10 fee per genre to audition.
  • If a competitor still owes a balance from a previous competition season, it must be paid in full for that dancer to audition.
  • All prospective competitors must register and attend summer classes to be eligible to audition for the competition team.
  • All prospective competitors and their parents/guardians must both read and sign the Competition Team Guidelines & Obligations Agreement.

Audition Day

  • Competition Team auditions are typically held in July at the Mandeville studio.
  • As competitive dance group members are selected by audition, the dancer must be present at auditions in order to be placed in a group.
  • If your dancer’s audition is at a later time you do not need to come at 8:30 to register.
  • Auditions are closed to parents/caregivers. You may pick up at the designated time they’re scheduled to be finished. Please bear with us if we’re a little behind schedule.
  • Dancers should have all of the proper shoes needed for each audition.


  • We will post the dancer’s numbers in the private Broadway Bound Boosters Club (BBBC) BAND and KKD Facebook pages no later than the next day along with the Competition Class schedule for fall.
  • If not a member of the BBBC BAND page, once selected, you will be invited to join. If not a member of the KKD Facebook group, please request to join.
  • Choreographers place students in the routines they feel will benefit them the most as well as the entire group. Many factors are considered during the audition process, and we always have your child’s best interest in mind. As in school, students excel at different rates and in different ways. Please keep in mind each year a student’s placement may vary based on their individual growth.
  • We may also have some specialty small group numbers. All of these will be by invitation only. If invited, please know that you are obligated to remain in your large group dances if you choose to accept and participate.
  • If your child did not make the group they had hoped to, we highly suggest they take a recreational class in that genre for the upcoming year.
  • All decisions made by the KKD faculty, choreographers and ultimately Kelli are final.

Competition Audition Schedule

9:00 am Registration/check-in
9:30 am Mini Tap (ages 5-8)
10:15 am Mini Jazz (ages 5-8)
11:00 am Mini Hip-Hop (ages 5-8)
11:45 am Mini/Junior Lyrical (ages 7-12)
12:30 pm Junior Tap (ages 9-12)
1:15 pm Junior Jazz (ages 9-12)
2:00 pm Pre-Teen/Teen Hip-Hop (ages 9 and up)
2:45 pm Teen Jazz (ages 13 and up)
3:15 pm Teen/Senior Lyrical (ages 13 and up)
3:45 pm Teen Tap (ages 13 and up)

Team Obligations

Team Guidelines

Questions or concerns, please email

Audition Registration