Competition Team Guidelines

Our goal is to have a positive, competitive, top-placing, extremely self-driven group of dancers who are very focused on dance and desire to better themselves, while being great team members and fitting representatives of Kelli’s Kreative Dance.

Guidelines & Rules of Conduct

  • All competitors must be members of the Broadway Bound Boosters Club (BBBC).
  • BBBC communication, questions, concerns, etc. are to be posted on the BBBC BAND or emailed to/from
  • There will be a parent meeting before Fall classes begin to review BBBC information, planned competitions, financial requirements, convention info, social activities, etc.
  • It is mandatory for all students to come to all rehearsals unless approved 48 hours prior to the rehearsal with permission from the choreographer.
  • It is required that all competitors be dressed appropriately for rehearsals.
  • All Regional and National competitions are mandatory for all competitors.
  • It is mandatory for all competitors to wear a Kelli’s Kreative Dance full warm-up for all competitions and conventions.
  • Everyone is expected to be a team player and help in the growth of their fellow students.
  • All students are to respect the teachers and to do what is asked of them.
  • All competition team students and parents are expected to always conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner.
  • While representing Kelli’s Kreative Dance, students and parents are expected to display good sportsmanship conduct to everyone they are in contact with.
  • During competitions, win or lose, we are expected to have a winning attitude.
  • Gossiping by a student or a parent about other students, parents, staff members or other studios is not tolerated.
  • Gossiping will not be tolerated amongst the students or parents about other competitors during competitions as well as conventions.
  • Disrespecting or being discourteous to a faculty member, parent or another student is grounds for disciplinary action that may result in probation, suspension, or being asked to leave the studio permanently.
  • If you are asked to not return to the studio, there will be no reimbursement for any classes, collected fees for the revue, collected choreography fees, or any other fees collected by the studio.
  • All students and parents understand that Kelli and Braton Manville have final say about placement and all other matters concerning the school, competition and BBBC.

Additional Information

Modeling Consent

Staff members of Kelli’s Kreative Dance LLC., fellow students, and family members often take pictures of classes and events that go on inside and outside the studio during the year. Often the staff of Kelli’s Kreative Dance uses these pictures on the internet, including, but not limited to, this website, Facebook, and Instagram, to let people know what goes on at Kelli’s Kreative Dance. We also use these pictures in the newspaper and in advertisements. By joining the competition team, all competitors agree to this modeling consent.

Legal Disclaimer

Kelli’s Kreative Dance LLC. and the BBBC faculty, staff members, and board will not accept responsibility for any injuries sustained by any dancer while dancing. Common dance injuries that occur at studios are broken ankles, sprained ankles, chins being fallen on and split open, and so on.

Kelli’s Kreative Dance LLC. and the BBBC faculty, staff members, and board will not accept responsibility for any injuries sustained by any dancer while any exhibition, recital, competition, convention or class in which he or she may participate, or while traveling to or from an exhibition, recital, competition, convention or class. All students and parents are required to sign a legal disclaimer.

Competition Team Auditions

Competition Team Obligations

Kelli’s Kreative Dance Studio Policies

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