Competition Team Obligations

While joining the KKD competition team offers dancers great performance opportunities and training, it also requires great dedication, time commitment and financial obligation.

Competitor Obligations

  • If a student is selected for a competitive number there will be required evening and/or weekend classes and rehearsals. This will include traveling to the north shore and south shore as we are primarily a “traveling team.”
  • All competitors including soloists will be expected to attend all classes, rehearsals and all competitions.
  • Competitors (with the exception of some minis) are required to take technique and ballet classes through KKD. Attendance in these classes is mandatory. An unexcused absence from a technique or ballet class will count the same as an absence from a competition class.
  • When dancers make a competition team, it is with the understanding that their being a member of the team comes before all other activities in which they may be involved. We suggest that dance be their only activity – no cheerleading, sports, etc.
  • The competition team is time-consuming and to commit to outside activities has a strong effect on the student as well as the other team members when a student is absent. Remember the team is judged as a TEAM when competing, and one student with bad attendance hurts the entire team.
  • Occasionally there are required school events that may interfere with rehearsals. If this is the case, bring a copy of the school calendar and other arrangements will be made.
  • Of course, classes may be missed due to illness or a death in the family. If any student or parent feels they cannot see this commitment through without any absences, we suggest they bow out of the competition team before the year begins.
  • Competitors are not allowed to back out of numbers to be in another number instead.
  • The team competes in 3-5 regional competitions every year and a national competition every other year. Attendance at all competitions is mandatory for every competitor.
  • Competitors are also required to attend at least one convention per year.

Competitor Financial Obligations

  • Competitors will be billed by KKD for their competition, ballet and technique class tuition. Please see the KKD website for additional tuition details.
  • Competitors will be billed by KKD for their competition costumes or may be asked to purchase these on their own. Please see the KKD website for additional costume details.
  • Competitors will be billed by the BBBC for their share of any prop(s) chosen by their choreographer. The cost of props used by multiple dances will be split evenly by the total number of dancers. Dancers in multiple dances sharing props will only be counted once.
  • Competitors will be asked to purchase a warm-up/cover-up uniform. These will be ordered and billed by the BBBC.
  • Competitors will pay an annual BBBC fee which covers BBBC expenses such as software, credit card fees, teacher travel expenses, trailer expenses, social expenses, etc.
  • Competitors are responsible for all registration fees associated with conventions, regional and national competitions.  Convention fees can range $200-300+. Regional competition fees can range $55-70+ per dancer for groups, $60-85+ per dancer for duos/trios and $135-150+ for soloists. For example, if a dancer is in 2 groups and we attend four regional competitions, fees could range $440-560+. Please note, national competition fees are typically higher than regional competition fees.
  • Competitors will be provided with a budget for their total BBBC fees and a payment installment schedule. Installments will be auto-debited per the schedule to the competitor’s payment method which is to be placed on file. This is necessary for the BBBC to register dancers and pay for registrations on time.
  • Competitors may opt out of the installment plan if they would prefer to pay their total balance in full at any time. A payment link for total balance payments will be provided.
  • The BBBC accepts digital payments only. Any NSF fees are the responsibility of the competitor.
  • If a competitor’s registration fees are not paid in full by the final installment for whatever reason (NSF, declined cards, etc.), unfortunately they cannot be registered for competitions.
  • Unregistered dancers will need to be removed from dances as well as competition rehearsals to allow the choreographer ample time to rework the dances.  This includes all competition classes, all specialty numbers, and all team rehearsals.
  • If payments are subsequently made late, it is at the discretion of the studio director and choreographer if a competitor will be reincorporated into a dance based on what is in the best interest of the team and subject to the registration rules of the competitions.
  • Conventions and competitions may be outside the New Orleans metro area. Competitors will be responsible for any travel-related expenses.
  • Credit balances in a competitor’s BBBC account will carry over from year to year. If a dancer does not return to compete with the studio, any money left in your account will become part of the BBBC’s general fund.

We will hold at least two parent meetings per year, one before Fall classes begin to review BBBC information, planned competitions, financial requirements, convention info, social activities, etc. and one before competition season begins.

Competition Team Auditions

Competition Team Guidelines

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