What are the Procedures for the Dance Revue?

The dance revue completes our year of study and lets the parents see how their child has progressed throughout the year while exposing the student to performing and giving them a sense of professionalism.

We have been dedicated to having a stage performance to showcase the perseverance and hard work that our students have put in during this crazy year.

We know that these will not be the revues that we are accustomed to holding, but we are looking forward to watching our dancers shine on stage!

We have been and will be sending out a lot of revue information through email. It is important to check your emails and read them thoroughly. Sometimes emails can get lost or marked as spam, all emails can always also be found in the “Messages” section of your Parent Portal.

We greatly thank you for your support through all of the changes that have had to occur.

2020 Dance Revue Dates

Dance Recital Dates

Mandeville Revue – Monday, August 17 at 6:30 pm
Destrehan Revue – Tuesday, August 18 at 6:30 pm
Kenner Revue – Wednesday, August 19 at 6:30 pm

All 3 dance revues are held at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner.

**UPDATE** Due to current state restrictions and resulting Pontchartrain Center policies, only 2 guests per family will be able to attend this year’s revues.

The revues will be live-streamed for all of those who are unable to attend and would like to watch from home.

DVDs will be available for ordering and will include all 3 revue nights.

Revue Walk-Through and Procedures

Please watch the following short video for important information about dancer drop-off, parent entry, and revue procedures that have been put in place to keep our families safe and to comply with the requirements of the state and the Pontchartrain Center.

Wristband & Revue Item Pick-Up

Due to current COVID-19 precautions, tickets will NOT be distributed for the revues this year. 

Our show has been split into acts.

We are limited to 2 seats in the auditorium per family per act.  Seats are general admission – no assigned seats! 

In lieu of tickets, each family will be distributed wristbands for entrance.  Each wristband will include the revue, act, and arrival time for your entry, and they MUST be on your wrist for admission.  NO extra wristbands will be available for purchase or replaced in the event of loss or damage. 

At Lottery Weekend, you will be responsible for telling the faculty member which numbers your dancer is in and signing for your wristbands.  A list of classes will be available for you to review at the studio to ensure you select ALL classes that your dancer is in. 

Wristbands along with pre-ordered shirts and books can be picked-up:

Destrehan – Friday, August 14 from 5:30-7:30 pm
Kenner – Saturday, August 15 from noon-2:30 pm
Mandeville – Sunday, August 16 from noon-2:30 pm

We will have extra books and a few extra shirts available for purchase these days. NO ITEMS will be available for purchase at the revues.

Items may be picked up at any studio.

These will be the ONLY times to pick up wristbands, shirts, and books. They will NOT be distributed at the revues.

Past due balances must be paid in full to receive your items. You may send someone else to pick-up your items, but you must make sure that your balance has been paid! (This includes all tuition and fees for the 2019-2020 year. Registration and tuition for 2020-2021 are not included.) Your 2019-2020 must be $0 to receive your wristbands.

You can check and pay your balance on the Parent Portal.

Teachers and staff will be available on these dates to answer any and all questions that you may have.

Revue Routine/Act Line-Up

Each revue has been split up into acts due to COVID guidelines and the resulting seating limitations. Each family is allowed 2 guests/wristbands and will only be allowed in for the act that contains their child’s routine. If your child is in multiple routines/acts, you will have to exit the Pontchartrain Center and re-enter for their next act. The procedure for this is detailed in the video above.

Final revue line-up and acts along with arrival times have been emailed and can also be downloaded here.

2021 Dance Revue Dates

Mark your calendars! Please keep these dates in mind when making your 2021 vacation plans!

Our 2021 revues are scheduled for:
Rehearsal – Thursday, June 24

Destrehan Revue – Friday, June 25
Mandeville Revue – Saturday, June 26
Kenner Revue – Sunday, June 27

What makes a KKD revue stand out?

  • Professional production with entertaining choreography and a focus on technique for all levels of dancers, toddlers to teen, beginner to advanced, recreational to competitive. Our babies dance!
  • Reserved front-row seating where parents can watch, photograph, and video their dancer’s routines.
  • No ad or cover girl contests. Economical and drama-free.
  • We assign seats with a seating lottery. You don’t need to buy ads or camp out for great seats.
  • Great views from every seat enhanced by 2 full-size video screens to view dancers
  • Tasteful, detailed, and appropriate costumes
  • Our students are the stars of the show!

Does my child get to/have to dance in 3 revues?

Since we have 3 studio locations, we do hold 3 revues. The majority of our students only dance in their home studio recital.

The students who dance in all 3 revues are students in classes that combine dancers from all of the studios.

Many of the students in ballet-only classes perform in the ballet at all 3 of our year-end revues. Our year-end ballet performance is a production that combines all of our ballet students into one large ballet performance during our revues. We know that this is a commitment, but it is a wonderful experience for our dancers and a real treat for our audience.

Some ballet classes will only perform in their studio’s revue. Many factors go into this decision including how the class is progressing, the number of students in the class, and how many songs are available for the production we have chosen that year. An announcement will be made in November as to which ballet classes will perform in which revues.

Ballet students are required to attend 2 Saturday rehearsals to practice combining the classes.

Since they combine dancers from all the studios, dancers in competition routines as well as the opening number will perform in all 3 revues. **Due to COVID restrictions each competition routine will only perform in one revue for 2020.

For more information, see our Studio Policies.

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