What Should my Child Wear to Class?

Kelli's Kreative Dance Dress Code

Combo classes

For tap/ballet and tap/jazz combo classes, students should wear a leotard (any color, skirt optional) and tights. Please have a small bag for your child’s shoes and label all shoes with the student’s name.

We recommend tan for tap and jazz shoes and pink for ballet shoes. Bloch Mary Jane style tap shoes are preferable for younger students, and Bloch slip-on tap shoes are recommended for older students. If the tap shoes come with a ribbon, please replace it with elastic. Bloch gore slip-on jazz shoes are recommended for jazz.

No baggy cover-ups or t-shirts should be worn over the leotard while dancing.

Ballet classes

For ballet-only classes, students must wear a black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. Hair should be pulled back away from the face in a bun.

Hip-hop classes

Hip-hop classes require clean tennis shoes and any active wear.

Lyrical classes

Lyrical students should wear appropriate dancewear and closed-toe half-sole lyrical shoes.

Technique classes

Technique students should wear either jazz shoes or half soles. No t-shirts or baggy shorts.