2019 Bring A Friend Week

Calling all BFFs!!!

2019 Bring A Friend to Dance Class Week

Monday, Oct 7 – Saturday, Oct 12 is Bring A Friend Week!
Invite a friend to join you in class and share in our love of dance!

Students are encouraged to have a friend join them for all dance classes except competition classes.

Friends can attend classes in whatever dance attire they may have.  If they don’t have any, they are welcome to try classes in whatever they can move in.

For the full year’s calendar of events, visit the Studio Calendar

“Very impressed with the quality of teaching and the revues. I appreciate that class time is well spent on instruction and not goofing off. I love the open viewing window at the studio and the first row of reserved seating at the revue for parents to watch, photograph, video their child’s dance.”

Lindy Bourgeois, Luling, LA

“I think Kelli and her crew are the most creative, innovative, and hardest working dance crew. Every year Kelli and her team challenge themselves and their students to do things that have never been done before. They include all students in their shows no matter the skill level. They motivate and inspire dancers daily. Kelli’s Kreative Dance crew is truly the best of the best!”

Jacqueline Sperier, Metairie, LA