2022 Dance Revue Information

The dance revue completes our year of study and lets the parents see how their child has progressed throughout the year while exposing the student to performing and giving them a sense of professionalism.

What Makes a KKD Revue Different?

  • Professional production with entertaining choreography and a focus on technique for all levels of dancers, toddlers to teen, beginner to advanced, recreational to competitive. Our babies dance!
  • Reserved front-row seating where parents can watch, photograph, and video their dancer’s routines.
  • No ad or cover girl contests. Economical and drama-free.
  • We assign seats with a seating lottery. You don’t need to buy ads or camp out for great seats.
  • Great views from every seat enhanced by 2 full-size video screens to view dancers
  • Tasteful, detailed, and appropriate costumes
  • Our students are the stars of the show!

2022 Dance Revue Dates

2022 KKD Dance Recital Dates

Mark your calendars! Please keep these dates in mind when making your 2022 vacation plans!

Our 2022 revues are scheduled for:

Destrehan Revue – Friday, June 24 at 7pm
Mandeville Revue – Saturday, June 25 at 5pm
Kenner Revue – Sunday, June 26 at 5pm

Doors open one hour before showtime.


Stage rehearsal will be held for all locations during the day on Thursday at the Ponchartrain Center.

Thursday, June 23

Rehearsal schedule will be emailed and available in Parent Portal before the rehearsal.

Stage Rehearsal is MANDATORY. Stage rehearsal is very important because it enables the students to become familiar with the stage and performing in front of an audience. If a prop is being used, we ask that it is brought to the rehearsal.

Wear appropriate dance clothing, NOT costumes. Ballet students must wear black leotard, pink tights, and hair in a bun for ballet. Competitors should wear black.

Once the students have completed all of their dances at the rehearsal, they are free to leave.

Ticket Pick-Up Dates

Ticket, seat assignments, and revue item pick-up dates will be


Items may be picked up from any location if you are unable to make your home studio’s date/time.

You may have someone else pick up your items for you.

How Does the Revue Seat Lottery Work?

Here at KKD, you do not have to sell ads or camp out in lines to get great seats to the revue.

As long as your balance is paid in full, you will be entered into our seating lottery.

Seats are assigned per family based on a random number draw.

Families with 1 student receive 6 reserved seats/tickets.
Families with 2 students receive 8 reserved seats/tickets.
Families with 3 students receive 10 reserved seats/tickets.

Extra general admission tickets will be available for $5 at the ticket pick-ups and the rehearsal. And will be sold for $10 at the door. No additional reserved seats may be purchased.

Students who perform in multiple nights of shows will be given 2 additional general admission tickets per additional night, but no additional reserved seats. This provides 2 tickets for each extra night: one for the student and one for a parent.

Students DO need a ticket to enter the revue each night.

Babies/toddlers under 3 do not need their own ticket, but must sit in a lap.

Parents are able to sit in the front row during their child’s dances to watch, photograph, and video their routines up close. Space is limited. No siblings or extended family in the front row, please.

Does each studio location get its own revue?

Since we have 3 studio locations, we do hold 3 revues.

All 3 revues are held at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner.

Does my child get to/have to dance in 3 revues?

The majority of our students only dance in their home studio recital.

The students who dance in all 3 revues are students in classes that combine dancers from all of the studios.

Some of the students in ballet-only classes perform in the ballet at all 3 of our year-end revues. Our year-end ballet performance is a production that combines all of our ballet students into one large ballet performance during our revues. We know that this is a commitment, but it is a wonderful experience for our dancers and a real treat for our audience.

Some ballet classes will only perform in their studio’s revue. Many factors go into this decision including how the class is progressing, the number of students in the class, and how many songs are available for the production we have chosen that year.

Ballet students are required to attend 2 Saturday ballet rehearsals to practice combining the classes.

Dancers invited to participate in the opening number will perform in all 3 revues.

Since competition routines combine students from all 3 studios, some competition numbers may perform in multiple revues. This is dependent on revue timing and costume change considerations.

For more information, see our Studio Policies.

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