Online Payments Now Available

The online payment center is now up and running on the JackRabbit Parent Portal.

Once logged onto the portal, under “Billing & Payments” you will see an option for “Saved Payment Methods.” Click the plus sign to add a credit or debit card, enter the card details, and then hit “Save”. Once entered, that card can then be used to pay for any fees or tuition due.

A fee of $3 will be charged whenever using a card for payment. This fee is not automatically added by JackRabbit, so you should add it to your total payment amount whenever paying by credit card.

Checks will still be accepted in the boxes in the waiting rooms or by mail.

If payment is not made by another method by the 8th of the month, the card on file will be automatically charged for that month’s tuition saving you from owing the $10 late fee.

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