2023-2024 Dance Registration

We’d love to have you join our dance family! Our dedicated faculty focuses on quality over quantity, teaching all students proper dance technique from the very beginning and for all levels of dancers, babies to teen, recreational to competitive. Our babies dance!

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Fall Registration for New Students
Fall Registration for Returning Students

Fall Registration for New Students

New students can begin registering for classes on Monday, July 3 at 10 am.

Our new student registration form is pretty simple to fill out.

But, please read through these tips and instructions to help avoid any confusion and delays when registration opens:

  • Click the “Register” link in the class table next to the class you wish to register for. You will be brought to the registration form to enter the student and payment information and create a JackRabbit Parent Portal account.
    How to Register for Dance Class
    • If you wish to register for more than one class, you can select additional classes using the “Select Another Class” button in JackRabbit.
      Enroll in Dance Class
  • You will be required to enter a credit card to complete registration.
  • The registration fee along with the first and last month’s tuition installments are due at registration.
    • When registering, the first month’s tuition and the registration fee will be invoiced immediately. Once registration is submitted, you must log in to the parent portal and pay these charges.
    • The last month’s tuition will not automatically be charged. We will go through at a later date and invoice the last month’s tuition installment. You will need to return to the JackRabbit Parent Portal again after it is invoiced to pay June tuition. Your registration is not considered complete until the last month’s tuition is paid.
  • At KKD, students over the age of 7 are placed into the appropriate level ballet, lyrical, and technique classes. If your child wishes to take ballet, lyrical, and/or technique, you WILL NOT select a specific class for your student.
    • At registration, you will select the generic ballet, lyrical, and/or technique option, then we will go through and place your student into the correct ballet, lyrical, and/or technique class.
    • You will not be invoiced any tuition for these classes until your student is placed in a specific class.
    • Students must be 7 years old to enroll in ballet-only, lyrical, and technique classes.
    • If you are ONLY registering for ballet, technique, and/or lyrical and no other classes, please use this link to register.
  • We work hard to find the class best suited for each individual student. Our goal is to place each student in classes that will challenge them, promote growth in the development of their technique, and build their confidence. Students may be moved before or after classes begin as we work to find the best class for each student.
  • If a class is currently full, you can join the Waitlist. We will contact you if a spot becomes available. We do our best to accommodate as many people on the waitlist as possible. You will not be charged unless a spot becomes available.
  • Before completing the registration, you will need to agree to our studio policies. You can read these ahead of time on our website: KKD Studio Policies

Fall Registration for Returning Students

2023-2024 fall registration for current students and their siblings opens Monday, June 5 at 10 am.

It is important that all returning students get their registration in before it opens to new students to ensure class placement.

All tuition and fees from the 2022-2023 year and 2023 summer session MUST be paid prior to registration.

Please read through these tips and instructions to help avoid confusion and delays when registering returning students:

  • Logon to the Parent Portal and click “Find Classes”
  • Scroll down and find the appropriate class. Select “View Details & Enroll”.
  • Confirm that you have selected the correct class and “Add to Cart”
  • Click next to the student name that you wish to enroll. Then click “Add”
  • If you would like to add another class/student, click “Continue Shopping”
  • If you do not wish to add another class, click “Checkout Now”
  • Click “Accept Enrollment Fees and Continue”
  • The registration fee and first month’s tuition installment will automatically post to your account at check out. You will have to return to the parent portal after completing registration to pay.
  • The last month’s tuition installment will not automatically post. We will go in at a later date and invoice you for the last month’s tuition.
    • You will need to return to the Parent Portal to pay the last month’s tuition after they are invoiced.
  • As in the past, you will not enroll in specific ballet, technique, and lyrical classes.
    • Search for the generic ballet, technique, and/or lyrical option (no level or day/time. It will show as “Destrehan Ballet”, “Destrehan Technique”, etc) and follow the same process as above to register.
    • We will later go through and move students to the correct specific class based on ability and age as determined by Kelli and teacher recommendations.
    • You will not be invoiced tuition for ballet, lyrical, technique, and competition classes until your student is placed in a class.

How to Use the JackRabbit Parent Portal


2023-2024 Class Schedules

We’re excited to release our 2023-2024 fall dance class schedules:
Kenner Schedule
Mandeville Schedule
Destrehan Schedule
Class Descriptions

If you have questions about your child’s placement for next year, you should first ask their current teacher. Further questions can be emailed to Kelli at info@kelliskreativedance.com