Revue Informational Meetings

Reminder, we are holding our Informational Revue Meetings Monday, June 14 through Saturday, June 19.

Dance Trophy Week

It is very important that a parent/significant other/guardian attend this meeting!

Students will rehearse their routines for the first 15 minutes of class in regular dance clothes, and then we will have costume check and revue meetings.

We will run through any costume questions and discuss the rehearsal as well as the revue and lottery (seating) information. We will cover VERY important information so we ask that you or a significant other please attend to receive this information. We ask that you please have all costumes completely decorated if required.

Please have a parent in attendance and bring (not wear) your costume(s) with you.

Trophies will be given out this week at the end of class to all first through 4th-year students. If your trophy is misspelled, you can contact the trophy company. Their information can be found on the back of the trophy. 

5th year students and up with receive their trophies on stage at the revue.