2023 Revue Shirt and Extra Book Orders

black short sleeve revue t-shirt

Instructions to order shirts and extra books:

  1. Log into Jackrabbit Parent Portal.
  2. In top right corner, select “Classes and Events.”
  3. Click on “Find Events.”  A list of all t-shirt sizes/options and extra book pre-orders will pop up.
  4. Scroll through the list and add shirts/extra books as you desire.  Each size and type of shirt will need to be added separately to the cart. 
  5. If you are ordering more than one of the same size shirt or more than one revue book, please make sure to answer the quantity question before you hit the final “Add” button. 
  6. Please disregard the location of Mandeville when you are ordering your shirts and/or revue book. 
  7. When finished, select “Checkout Now” and complete the transaction.

The deadline to order revue shirts and extra books is Saturday, May 20.

Pre-ordered shirts and books can be picked up on the ticket pick-up dates.

We will have a limited number of extra books and shirts for sale at the pick-up dates. We do not guarantee that we will have any items if they were not pre-ordered.

Revue Shirt Orders

Blue short sleeve revue t-shirt

Short-sleeve shirts are $20 each and long-sleeve shirts are $25.

All orders will be invoiced through the JackRabbit Parent Portal.

Shirts are available in blue and/or black.

Short-sleeve shirts are available in youth and adult sizes.

Long-sleeve shirts are only available in adult sizes.

Extra Book Orders

Each KKD family receives 1 revue book which was included with your revue fee. Order is only for if you want extra/additional books above the 1 you will already receive. If you only want 1 book, you do not need to order or pay.

Additional revue books cost $20.00 each. Any additional revue books that were not pre-ordered will be sold at the pick-up dates based on availability.

We do not guarantee that we will have any books other than pre-ordered books.