Revue Photo & Video Gallery

Pictures and videos from our past dance revues where our students are the stars of the show. We are so proud of our students and love to showcase their growth each year at our annual recitals.

Take a look below to see why we say “Our babies dance!

“Just Dance” Revue 2020

Our dancers persevered through a crazy year with many obstacles and much uncertainty.

All of their hard work and dedication paid off as they were able to showcase their skills on the big stage!

We are so very proud and thankful for our students, parents, faculty, and staff who made this possible!

“Just Dance” Opening Number


1st Year Tap/Ballet Combo Class
Choreography Hope Romig

Baby Sharks

1st Year Tap/Ballet Combo Class
Choreography Hope Romig

Party Girls

Mini Competition Tap
Choreography Lauren Cooper

Let It Be

Junior Competitive Lyrical
Choreography Kelli Manville

Be My Girl

Teen Competitive Tap
Choreography Lynn Kaska

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Senior Compeitive Lyrical
Choreography Kelli Manville

“Her Majesty: Queen” Revue 2019

So proud of these ladies who rose to the challenge and absolutely rocked this opening number!
Choreography: Kelli Manville and Karleen Bouza

2019 Revue Photo Gallery

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“Welcome to the Circus” Revue 2018

Our 20th year is a wrap!! Congratulations to all of students who took the stage and shined in our three wonderful revues. We are so proud of each and every one of you.

When you surround yourself with amazing people, you get amazing results. We are truly blessed with an incredible staff, loyal friends, dedicated parents, and talented dancers. Thank you!!

This IS our circus, these ARE our monkeys! And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

“Welcome to the Circus” Opening Number

Choreography by Kelli Manville and Desiree Acosta


1st Year Tap/Ballet Combo Class
Choreography Lauren Hayes


2nd Year Tap/Ballet Combo Class
Choreography Lauren Hayes

American Girls

3rd Year Tap/Ballet Combo Class
Choreography Lauren Hayes

We’re In The Money

7th-8th Year Tap/Jazz Combo Class
Choreography Micque Vogues and Mikella Sorensen

Don’t Leave Me

Advanced Contemporary
Choreography by Karleen Bouza


Junior (ages 9-12) Competition Jazz
Choreography by Karleen Bouza

Anything Goes

Junior (ages 9-12) Competition Tap
Choreography by Micque Voges

Bell Hoppin’

Competition Hip-Hop Production
Choreography by Karleen Bouza

2018 Recital Pictures

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