Studio Policies

Studio Policies, Rules, and Guidelines

Kelli’s Kreative Dance LLC, is a studio that offers experience, skill, and professional integrity through its dedicated faculty. We provide a family-oriented atmosphere, which ensures a quality dance education for every student. Our school focuses on building self-esteem and character amongst the students.


All students and parents are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectable manner at all times. Gossiping by a student or a parent about other students, parents, staff members or other studios is not tolerated. Disrespecting a faculty member or another student or being discourteous to a fellow student is grounds for disciplinary action that may result in probation, suspension, or being asked to leave the studio permanently.

In the event that you are asked to not return to the studio, there will be no reimbursement for any classes, collected fees for the revue, or any other fees collected by the studio. If your costume is paid in full but has not come in yet, we will call you when it comes in and you can come to pick up the costume or costumes.


Tuition is a set annual fee per class and divided into 10 equal payment installments regardless of how many lessons pertain in a month based on holidays, absences, or inclement weather.

Discounts are available for siblings. All tuition payments are non-refundable.

Tuition: $60 per installment for one class for one student
Siblings: $50 per sibling
Additional classes: $50 for each additional class
Competition classes: $55 per class

The first and last installments are due at registration along with the registration fee. The remaining installments are due the first of every month (October – May).

Starting October 2022, we will be auto-drafting your credit card on file every month for the monthly tuition installment.

You can check your balance and fees at any time on the JackRabbit Parent Portal.

Checks may be mailed to:
Kelli’s Kreative Dance LLC.
5005 Sharp Road
Mandeville, LA 70471

Tuition may be dropped off at the studio. If payment is turned in at the studio, please drop it in the mailbox located in the waiting area. Please do not turn any payments in to the teachers.

When paying with a check please put the name of the student on the memo portion of the check.

Cash payments are strongly discouraged. There are no receipts for cash payments. If you pay with cash, please put payment in a sealed envelope with the student’s name on the outside of the envelope.

All tuition payments are non-refundable.

** Every family that has NO outstanding account balances will be eligible for the lottery. **


The registration fee is $40 and is non-refundable.

The early bird registration fee for returning students who register before July 1 is $35.

This fee is paid at the time of registration along with the first and last month’s tuition to reserve your spot in class.

Many of our classes develop waitlists. Other students were likely turned away in order to save your child’s spot in the class, therefore this fee along with tuition payments will not be refunded if you discontinue lessons.


Kelli’s Kreative Dance holds an annual dance production in the month of June. This completes our year of study and lets the parents see how the students have progressed while exposing the students to performing and giving them a sense of professionalism and accomplishment.

Our students are the stars of the show.

We offer parents front row reserved seating at the recital during your child’s numbers to watch, video, and photograph their precious dancers.

Students in 1st through 4th-year combo classes will be in one number in the revue. 5th year and above tap & jazz combination classes will participate in two numbers (upon the teacher’s discretion). All other genre classes (lyrical, hip-hop, etc) will have one number in the revue. Technique classes do not have a revue dance.

We have 3 nights of revues. One for each studio location. Each dance will perform in the revue for their specific studio.

This year, ballet classes will only perform in their studio’s revue with the exception of the leads who will dance in all 3 revues.

Since competition routines combine students from all 3 studios, some competition numbers may perform in multiple revues. This is dependent on revue timing and costume change considerations.


The revue fee includes one trophy for each student and one revue book per family. This fee also includes 6 reserved seats for families with one student, 8 seats for families with 2 students, and 10 seats for families with three students. (Click here for more information on our revue lottery.)

1 student $180.00 (2 payments of $90.00)
2 students $235.00 (2 payments of $117.50)
3 students $265.00 (2 payments of $132.50)

The first half of the revue fee is due on October 15th.

The second half of the revue fee is due on November 15th.

The revue fee helps to cover the cost of the auditorium rental, sound guy, light system, and book and ticket printing.

This revue fee is NON-REFUNDABLE! If you choose to leave the studio for any reason you will not be refunded your payments toward the revue, and you forfeit your trophy and revue book.

Revue fees will be auto-drafted on the 20th of the month they are due.


All costumes are ready-made and ordered from various companies. Any extra trim or sequins that are to be added to the costume(s) is included in the total price of the costume with the exception of rhinestones and some headpieces.

Approximated cost: $75.00 – $130.00 per costume. A $50.00 non-refundable deposit (per costume) will be due December 15. The remainder will be collected when the costumes arrive.

There is absolutely no refund on any costumes. In the event that you no longer wish to take lessons please notify the studio with a written document indicating that you will no longer continue dancing. If we do not have a written document, you will be responsible for the entire cost of the costume(s).

Costume deposits and remainders will be auto-drafted on the 20th of the month that they are posted.

If the costume deposits are not paid in full by the due date, your child’s costume(s) will NOT be ordered. If an exchange or alteration needs to be made, Kelli’s Kreative Dance will not take responsibility for any extra costs or responsibility for how the costume is made. Teachers measure all students, and parents will be invited to view the size chart for the costume and must initial the size selection. All extra-large adult costumes have to be made special and CAN NOT be exchanged. There is an additional $10.00 fee for XLA costumes.

Costumes will be distributed in class once they arrive and will not be given to any student who has a balance with the studio. All tuition and fees including the costume balance must be paid to receive your costume(s).


Credit card payments may be made online through JackRabbit parent portal. There are NO additional fees for credit card payments.

Tuition installments will automatically be charged to the credit card on file beginning October 2022. It is your responsibility to logon to the parent portal to check your balance and to keep your credit card on file updated.


Tuition installments are considered late if they are not received before the studio closes on the 8th of each month, regardless of absences or holidays. If you mail your payment to us, please mail it at least three days before the first of the month to make sure it will not be late.

There is a $10.00 late fee if tuition is received after the 8th of each month. Payment must be in hand by studio closure on the 8th regardless of weekends, holidays, or absences to not incur a late fee.

Credit is not given for a monthly payment if your child does not attend class for the entire month.

All costume deposits, costume remainders, and revue fees are subject to late fees if they are not paid by the due date on the invoice. If paid after the due date, a $10.00 late fee will be applied to your account. At the end of the year, you will not be able to get your revue seats if you have any outstanding balances or fees. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your invoice, please call the office at 985-789-0691.


All NSF checks will result in a $25.00 fee.


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Regularly check your parent portal account.

Please come into the studio at least once a week to make sure you stay informed with any events taking place.

We try hard to keep you informed through signs in the waiting rooms, email, Facebook, and this website on upcoming events, important dates, and deadlines. Please be sure to come in and read all the information posted on the bulletin boards as well as ALL emails. Please make sure your email address with us is always current.


A separate waiting area is available with open viewing windows in each studio for parents who wish to wait for their child during class. We ask that all students wait in this room until class time.

We ask all parents who drop their children off to please be on time to pick them up.

Windows are open for classroom viewing year-round. Sometimes, depending on the child, “out of sight, out of mind” is a better approach. Especially at the beginning. If your child is crying or timid in class, many times it helps to step away from the window somewhere where your child cannot see you. Please do not enter the classroom. Our staff is very experienced with new, younger dancers. If needed, the teacher will bring your child out to you.


It is expected that all visitors to our dance studio are respectful of both our space and the education of our students. Please control siblings’ behavior, do not disrupt class, throw away trash, and keep noise to a minimum.

We hope that Kelli’s Kreative Dance is a “home away from home.” Enjoy our waiting area, but please help keep it clean.


Trophies are given to all students. Students from 1st to 4th year will receive their trophy in class. Students with 5 years of dance or more will receive their trophy on stage at the end of the revue.

Students who have transferred from other schools will have all previous dance years recognized.


Choreography for the revue dance will depend on attendance. If your child is absent often, this will reflect on their placement in the dance. If a student is absent more than 2 lessons in the month of April & May, they may not be allowed to participate in the revue and the revue fee will NOT be refunded. Tuition credit is not given if classes are not attended.


For both safety reasons and to receive proper training, students should be dressed appropriately in dancewear and ready to dance for every class. Hair should be pulled back and away from the face. Specific class attire suggestions can be found here. Students that abuse the dress code will be given a warning not to attend class again without appropriate dancewear. If they abuse the policy again, they will be asked to sit out from class. This applies to ALL classes.


Holidays will be announced throughout the year. Please check the Bulletin Board in the waiting room for posted notices and other information that will occur during the course of the year. We will also have information posted on the calendar page of our website and on Facebook.


When weather conditions close public schools, the studio will most likely close.

Classes will not be made up or reimbursed if canceled due to weather conditions such as hurricanes, flooding, tornado watches, and bad weather.

We try to email when classes are canceled, but sometimes emails are delayed or are blocked by spam filters. When in doubt, please check Facebook or call us at 985-789-0691.

There will be NO refunds of any kind including registration fees, tuition fees, revue fees, and/or costume fees in the event of a hurricane or natural disaster. In the event that any Kelli’s Kreative Dance Studio suffers from severe damage of any kind, there will be NO reimbursement of any fees paid.


Click here for our Competition Team policies.


Staff members of Kelli’s Kreative Dance LLC., fellow students, and family members that go to Kelli’s Kreative Dance often take pictures of classes and events that go on inside and outside the studio during the year. Often the staff of Kelli’s Kreative Dance LLC. uses pictures on the internet (including Facebook, Instagram, and this website) to let people know what goes on at Kelli’s Kreative Dance. We also use these pictures in the newspaper and in advertisements.  All students and competitors must consent to allow these photographs to be used.


We offer private lessons for students that would like to have the one on one with a teacher to improve their technique. ANY and ALL private lessons MUST be scheduled through Kelli regardless of which teacher is teaching the lesson.


Kelli’s Kreative Dance LLC. , faculty and staff members will not accept responsibility for any injuries sustained by any dancer during the course of dancing. Common dance injuries that occur at studios are broken ankles, sprained ankles, chins being fallen on and split open, and so on.

Kelli’s Kreative Dance LLC., faculty and staff members will not accept responsibility for any injuries sustained by any dancer during the course of any exhibition, recital, competition, convention or class in which he or she may participate, or while traveling to or from an exhibition, recital, competition, convention or class. All students and parents are required to sign a legal disclaimer.

Kelli’s Kreative Dance is a studio that offers experience, skill, and professional integrity through its dedicated faculty. We provide a family-oriented atmosphere, which ensures a quality dance education for every student. Our school focuses on building self-esteem and character amongst the students. The faculty thanks you for choosing our school and for the opportunity to educate your child in the art of dance.